Anexia Engine will provide the administration and management for your customer's IT needs. Focus on being creative and we’ll handle the rest.

Your Own Customer Interface

Consolidating a large number of cloud services and management platforms into one interface has never been easier. Create new sales channels with no upfront investment or startup fees.

Your Own Branding

Anexia Engine’s interface is fully customizable. Adjust your colors, use your own GTCs and email templates, and incorporate your own logo directly into the interface. You can even adapt each menu and text item to your company’s style guidelines.

A wide variety of modules

Anexia Engine offers a wide variety of modules that you can in turn provide to your customers, including domain orders, DSL products, and hosted exchange.

Switch to Customer View

See exactly what your customers see by easily switching to their view or logging into their account, enabling a superior customer support experience.

Customized Naming and Languages

Customize everything quickly, whether you’d like a different language, an alternative format, or localized naming conventions.

Customer management

Using Anexia Engine’s intuitive customer management interface, create customers and users, assign resources, and more.


Keep track of your customers and monitor all actions your customers perform on the backend, so you can provide the best possible customer support.

Price Campaigns

Design your own price lists for your customers, assign price lists to customers with drag-and-drop, and view your purchase conditions in a simply designed price list management function.

Price Campaigns

Anexia Engine allows you to set custom price campaigns or discounts. Want to set SSL certificates 20% lower for 14 days, or make domain set up free for a limited time only? No problem. Custom campaigns can be set for individual customers or customized groups.

Exclusive Price Conditions

As a partner, you will also receive exclusive savings and benefits.

Individualized Welcome Tour

Give your customers and individualized greeting, providing them with the most important information as they log into their interface for the first time.

Leverage Your Infrastructure

If you own your own infrastructure, offer colocation in your own data center, or you’re a domain wholesaler etc., we can consolidate all of your accounts and display them in a single interface with Anexia Engine.

Your Modules with Anexia Engine

For larger partners or resellers, we offer the ability to integrate personal and individual modules. We link your data with Anexia Engine’s platform, allowing your customers to access existing services already available to them in addition to new services.

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