The VMware Management Platform

Learn more about the features of Anexia’s new VMware-based virtual server management platform.


Anexia’s new VMware virtual server management
platform offers a wide variety of features.

VMware virtualization
Powerful console access
Start / Stop / Restart
Comprehensive real-time statistics
Individual dashboards
No browser plugins (HTML5)
Network status
Event protocol
Individual descriptions & tags
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YouR individualized Control Panel

Design your own personalized control panel to monitor your virtual server platform. All your servers’ real time data is available at-a-glance and adjusted to your needs.

Real time server utilization
Virtual server status geo-map
Quick Access to your server console
Individual arrangement of all dashboard modules
Full Screen mode for your supervisory

View all virtual server infrastructure data points in real time.

More than 20 real time system values
CPU utilization, RAM utilization, HDD IOPS and a lot more
Auditing-proof logging of every user events
Server configuration at one glance

With a focus on security and speed, Anexia has developed state-of-the-art console access functionality. In addition, the console has been optimized for GUIs such as Microsoft Windows, guaranteeing smooth server console handling.

No browser plugin needed (100% HTML 5)
High-end encryption
Optimized performance
100% Smartphone capable
Access to an unlimited number of consoles at the same time
Operating system independent
Compatible with different keyboard languages
Virtual keyboard to handle complex inputs
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