Traffic AND BANDWIDTH Monitoring

Anexia’s traffic and bandwidth monitoring solution allows you analyze your traffic in great detail while benefiting from a variety of billing models.


Monitoring and billing your traffic and bandwidth should be easy.
Finally, with Anexia’s web interface, it is.

Real time statistics
Numerous billing methods
Transparent cost overview
Global traffic pooling
Retrospective analysis
Threshold monitoring
Analyze every bandwidth parameter
Uptime monitoring
Individual bandwidth dashboard
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Your personal traffic dashboard

Anexia’s traffic dashboard provides a clear overview of your infrastructure and traffic.

Real time traffic and bandwidth overview
Compare monthly statistics
Individually order your traffic widgets

With traffic pooling, it’s easy to analyze and bill  traffic from multiple locations by pooling multiple servers and traffic uplinks. This means that you can buy one traffic package and use it for all your servers, services, locations. As long as you don’t exceed your traffic allotment in one pool, you don’t pay a burst fee.

Traffic pooling per location, country, or zone
Individual traffic zones
Applicable to every billing model
Ideal for international customers

Traffic billing is as unique and specific as traffic patterns themselves. That’s why we’ve enabled practically every conceivable business model.

Billing per GB, TB, PT
95th percentile
Flat rate 
Traffic pooling over serveral locations and zones
Automatic discount levels
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