With Anexia's power- and energy-monitoring solution you analyze your energy consumption not only very detailed, you also get the chance to benefit from various billing models.


We believe that monitoring your power and energy consumption, including billing in a data center should be easy thing. And finally, we’ve changed that.

Real time statistics
Numerous billing methods 
Overload warning system
Power and energy pooling
Retrospective analysis
Threshold monitoring
Analyze every single power feed
Uptime monitoring
Individual energy dashboard
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Your Customizable Energy Dashboard

Get an overview of your power and energy behavior with the Anexia Engine dashboard.

Real time energy overview
Comparison month
Traffic widgets and enter fullscreen mode
Threshold warning system
Various Billing Models

Energy billing should always be unique. Here’s a few features included.

Billing per kWh
Billing per W, kW, VA, kVA 
Customized energy packages
Pay-as-you-go models
Automatic discount levels
Power & Energy Pooling

If you have multiple colocation providers or several racks at a data center, we can help by providing a central overview of all your colocation services. Furthermore, the Anexia Engine enables you to have various numbers of colocation services. If you hypothetically need more power in November  for your colocation in Frankfurt, and in December you need more power in London, we can provide that with the Anexia Engine power pooling.

Automatic discount levels
Individual energy zones
Every billing model applicable
Perfect for international customers
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