POWERFUL Dashboard

Create your own, powerful and individual dashboard for a clear overview of all your cloud services.


Customize your dashboard for all your services at one central point.

Central overview
Drag and Drop
Easy to use
Multiple tabs
Realtime access to server console
Billing and ticket overview
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Our customized widget system allows you to create your own dashboard without spending unnecessary hours in design. Bring your monitors in your operations center and enter in full screen mode for optimal performance.

Dashboard Tabs

One dashboard simply isn’t enough. We’ve developed a tab functionality to create multiple dashboards without having to open new windows.

ADD Widgets

Adding new widgets can be done with a few clicks. Separate widgets make it easier to define the services you use and provide with the Anexia Engine.

Drag AND Drop

You can arrange widgets simply by using the drag and drop feature. Arrange widgets with full control by resizing and deleting as needed.


There’s no need to download an update. All widgets are being updated in real-time.

Quick Access

All your modules and services are accessible with a single click directly from the dashboard.

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